Gifts That Make Him Love You More

Want to score some points with your man?  Give him one these awesome gifts and he'll love you even more.  (Note: Gifts 1 and 2 recommended by Cosmopolitan Magazine.  Gifts 3,4,5 are from a man's perspective)

1. Get Him To The Greek DVD - Starring Russell Brand, Jonah Hill, and Sean Combs.  Add in a trip to Vegas and you've got your buddy movie of the year!  Just the wacky music videos alone will make him laugh, unwind, and feel good!   Click Here For Current Price.

2. Mini Air Hockey Table Game - No space?  No problem.  Bring out the frat boy in him with this cool, table-top version of this classic game.  At only 22 inches long, adding it to any room in the house is no problem.  Don't be fooled, it still can get pretty heated during a match.  Just don't let him win.  Click Here For Current Price

3.Apple iPod Touch 8 GB (2nd Generation with OS 3.1 installed) - How can your man resist this cool gadget?  It's an iPod, a pocket computer, and a portable game player all rolled into one.  Watch his eyes light up when he opens this gift!  Click Here For Current Price.

4. Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS Receiver with Heart Rate Monitor - Is your man into adventure?  How about a GPS device he can wear on his wrist?  He'll be having fun and getting in shape!  Click Here For Current Price.

5. Flip UltraHD Video Camera - the newest model (3rd Generation) comes with the following features:
  • Just hit the big red button to start capturing vibrant HD video (720p / 60fps) - EASY!
  • Slimmer than ever weighing in at a mere 5.6 ounces
  • Up to 2 hours of better-than-ever HD video
  • Keep your video steady with image stabilization, UltraHD's newest feature
  • Connect the built-in USB arm to your PC or Mac to launch pre-loaded FlipShare software
  • Organize, create and share your videos with FlipShare software
Click Here For Current Price